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They’ve been telling us this for quite a while now but some of those in the government are not following the rules. Do they think they are exempted?

Several MRT (metro rail transit) personnel were found positive of COVID-19, how could they do contact tracing now when they deal with  thousands of metro riders every day?  Unless of course, these passengers would opt voluntarily to be tested? We’ve breached the 50,000 mark and it keeps on rising. To think we had the longest lockdown in history of the Asian nations.


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Finally, we see each other. And it’s been more than four months. Nissa and Obet are here with us, sadly though, Nate was left in their house. Nissa doesn’t want him to go out yet because kids under this general community quarantine (GCQ) as they call it are not allowed. Although they have a car, she’s afraid that they might be prevented from going to another area like Rizal province.

It’s nice to be able to get in touch personally with them again although it is kind of weird that Nate is not around. I miss him and I miss listening to his stories. Nissa will buy him a tab which he can operate when school opens and the two are not around. They’re required to report to the office twice a week and the rest of the week, they work from home. Nate knows how to use a tab on his own even without their supervision. This pandemic changed everyone’s plans and perspective and it continues changing the lives of the people worldwide.

I sorted some of my plants yesterday but I lack plant pots where I could transfer my Amazon lilies and Aglaonema plants. The lilies have enough bulbs for replanting. I am thinking of using those empty plastic bottles of mineral water as plant pots. I gave Obet and Nissa some plants (dwarf snake plant, red shrimp plant and another which until now I could not identify). Nissa said her mother -in-law will surely be thrilled because until now she is still grieving over the loss of her husband last April.

Time is not enough to catch up on everything, I’m glad though that we were able to see each other again.

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Staying home for more than two months now. I don’t know, since the enhanced community quarantine, I’ve been reluctant to go out even just at the nearby talipapa  two streets away from our house inside our subdivision.  It is where we buy our food, necessities in the kitchen like pork, chicken  and other veggies. I learned to transact online the last two or three weeks and they deliver them here right at the gate.  Eggs are sold by trays (30 pieces). Many homeowners have become small entrepreneurs providing necessities to homeowners who don’t want or cannot go out because of the lockdown.  You can order cooked food for lunch or dinner along with different kind of snacks on the go. Most of them deliver for free but when you order from a different place aside from our town via Grab Food, delivery fees are included in your bill. But that is just to be expected since they spend time outside risking their health to go grocery shopping for you or to buy cooked food from open establishments that only provide take-out, no eating inside their places.  Just have enough cash at home to meet your needs.

I miss going to the church and attending Sunday masses.  Although masses in different churches are held almost every hour online via live streaming, you cannot go to communion and I miss that. There is a talk that they will extend this lockdown for another two weeks, I am all for it but barangay and local town mayors should also be strict in its implementation. So many people are still on the streets. So many people still go out every day.

It’s getting harder to imagine when we start to begin life “normally”  again. Until they find vaccines for this virus, we are left thinking how many days more we have to get through  this “new normal” aspect of our lives.  I want to share with you this photo I took nine years ago when we celebrated Mother’s Day.  It’s of Nissa and Josef, now we have Nate.

Keep safe friends! Be mindful of your health 🙂

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We are on day 48 of the ECQ (enhanced community quarantine).

A two-day “hard lockdown” is being imposed by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno on District 1 of Tondo and that is where Obet’s family live. I asked Nissa early this morning if they are prepared for it and she told  me they have enough supply so far. I am really wondering what “hard lockdown” means.  That means everyone could not go out of their homes for two straight days and by Wednesday they’re back on the enhanced community quarantine.

This situation either brings the best in us or the worse for that matter. There are still families who live now solely on donation and food packs given by generous individuals and their local governments.  I’d like to pay our electricity bills but since there are no meter readings and no bills for April and May, I could not do so. I also need to know the phone reference number so I could pay online but that is only included in their regular billing. Since I left the bank almost twenty years ago, I enrolled all our utilities online, so convenient and so easy.

Would you believe that for the past week, I’ve been reading Christmas stories? I am on my third  book actually. It is a nice change and  it is more inspiring reading books with happy endings and celebrating a lovely occasion than concentrating  on the  disturbing news about Covid-19. Learning to cope with the times, the “new normal” so to speak.

This morning, I let Josef trimmed my hair, about an inch at the back and on the sides too. Got no choice really. The weather is hot so long hair is not practical…haha 🙂

How are you all?

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I thought I’ll give you a preview  on our daily lives here in our small town. Present total population is around 370,000.  Since the enhanced community quarantine, all  of us are just confined here, no border crossing, there are so many checkpoints in the metropolis. I much prefer to call it a lock down. We have our own curfew here at the subdivision where I live. The gates are only open from 5-10am then at 2-6pm. Nationwide curfew starts at 8pm to 5am the following day. We have quarantine passes, one in each household because only one is allowed to go out to buy necessities, food and medicines. Sometimes we make use of Grab  and Lalamove though for those food delivery but of course they are so expensive but they can travel to other towns and cities in Metro Manila.

I can’t remember now how many times  I’ve blogged about our third-termer Mayor – Mayor Atty. Kit Nieto. He is really good and he is even proving himself more responsible, decisive and really after the welfare of his constituents. Cainta is lucky to have him around.

Yesterday, I received three food packs from the municipal’s office thru our volunteer workers here in our subdivision. I think this is the fifth tranche since this lock down started. There are so many people contributing cash and food items to our Mayor and he in turn buys groceries, distributes the food items (some even cooked food)   to all areas of our town.  Priorities of course goes to those who badly need financial assistance. There is this  SAP (Social  Amelioration Fund) implemented by the national government but then there are so many exemptions and those qualified to receive it are finding it hard  because those who were tasked to distribute it have different guidelines that they follow. My goodness, the people are hungry especially those living in the squatter areas.  Compare it to those countries who take care of all their citizens, this government is sadly lacking. Sometimes, those soldiers assigned  to some checkpoints are abusive.

Going back to Mayor Kit Nieto, for the 15th day now he’s been auctioning off his collection of shoes to raise funds for those who were temporarily out of work  due to this lockdown, and because they were not qualified to receive SAP. He was able to garner P977,750.00 in cash for all those shoes sold, three pairs each day in the last fourteen days.

Got this from Mayor Kit’s site at FB posted today.

Cainta had 90 confirmed cases of  COVID-19 and out of it, 12 died, 21 have fully recovered, 6 are under quarantine, and the rest are quarantined at home waiting for their fourth and fifth swab. All in all 57 patients are being monitored. They are preparing for teleconferencing with five doctors using an online facility that will start by Friday.

I started gardening yesterday morning. I am half-way through trimming the carabao grass.  How are you all?

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I’ve been searching for some sites for meaningful recollection this Holy Week. One thing good that this virus brought is that we are able to choose which mass to attend every day because almost all churches here in Metro Manila go on live streaming.  You can certainly attend mass every day, some are scheduled in the morning, noon time and six in the evening.

Trying to concentrate too on reading but as I have said before, I get easily distracted. I started on The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy  but even that nicely written book does not do anything. It’s another book set in India. This Covid-19 destroys my concentration.

Here at the house, we are more focused on the latest news, how the government does its job of reassuring the people  but I still can’t feel the trust accorded by the people to how  this is being run. Too many inconsistencies, too many lies.  It might seem laughable to you but I check our pantry now and then although I know we have enough for the next three weeks. Lockdown was extended until the end of the month.  Sometimes, one’s main problem is what to cook the following day or the following meal. We couldn’t just rely on canned goods, right? I miss  having fish on the menu and since it is Holy Week, we are trying to abstain from eating meat.  Pasta with Spanish sardines, gonna try that on Friday. My Messenger app is alway busy. I call friends every day trying to know how they are.  That’s the beauty of having a wi-fi connection.

How are you all? Keep safe always.

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A virtual hug for all of you. Keep safe everyone! I’ll be back probably tomorrow.

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Watched the live streaming of the Palm  Sunday mass at Antipolo Cathedral.  Blessing of the palms was done at the start of the mass. You just have to place the palms in front of your monitor while the opening prayer and blessing is said.

Used these Palm fronds from our garden for Palm Sunday blessing.

I had a long early morning video chat with my brother who lives in Tulsa, while waiting for the mass to start.  We try to talk  to each other every day. He showed me his 3D printer which he assembled two years ago along with several rolls of 3D printer plastic filament.  You just have to be well versed with those programs to do it which reminds me that back in the nineties when he hasn’t migrated to the United States yet, he assembled our first computer at home buying the materials piece by piece.  Back to this 3d printer, he also showed me several of the projects he did before this COVID-19 – small planters’ boxes, toys, cellphone holders, pen holders, decor etc. Now he is concentrating on doing some face covers using acetate, face masks  made of plastic with disposable filters, head covers,  and other things which could be used to protect yourself from this COVID-19.  “You’re so gifted”, I told him. He smiled and asked me if he could see Mom so I showed her my tab, she just smiled and said “guwapo“. I wonder if she still recognizes him that well.  They haven’t talked to each other for a long time now because mom doesn’t know how to use the cellphone and when we are on the computer, and my brother types notes, she could not  read them.

I really hope our Dept. of  Health will start mass testing the soonest. We are at war with this virus and  everyone should be vigilant. Take care of yourselves friends.

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Told you, I am not even inspired to blog nor read, two pursuits that I love doing wholeheartedly. This pandemic gets to us all.

This is sad news. They will only start mass testing next week and a week is too long. This virus is lethal.  Officially we already have more than 3,000 people found positive and more PUMs and PUIs are on the rise. In a week, this might double in numbers. Those PUMs and PUIs might be found positive too. God save us, This government is so slow in responding.  They focus on citizens who are critical of the way they are handling this pandemic. Last night, there was another impromptu speech that berated  one of our outstanding human rights lawyers. He was just telling us what to do if and when you are in that predicament where the military or police catch you unaware.  In my opinion, it is like public unrest is so close and when the people are full of all this shit, ML might be declared.

Yesterday, Josef and Jovy went grocery shopping for a few items that we need at home. Most supermarkets have long lines under the heat of the sun. They went to five grocery stores and  they weren’t able to buy all the things in my shopping list. As usual alcohol and cleaning disinfectants are missing.  They were able to buy two small bottles of 70% Ethyl alcohol at 150 ml each. Pathetic. There was no dishwashing liquid, no toilet bowl cleaner, no Johnson wax for the furnitures.  All they were able to buy were a bottle of cooking oil, a bottle of vinegar, coconut cream in cans, some biscuits, juices, sandwich spread, veggies, powdered soap for washing machine, some biscuits for mom and more chicken breast for Oreo and pork for us as well.  Jovy cooked kare-kare last night for dinner using two powdered packs of  kare-kare mix.

I am not sure if we are ready for the lifting of the lockdown by April  12. Personally I hope they will extend it for two more weeks or until they have done that much needed mass testing.  Pinupulitika pa rin kasi hangga ngayon.  If those protocols were in place earlier, we could have not reached this number. So sad.

Holding on and praying for everyone.

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Vico Sotto, a young mayor in Pasig City is being summoned by the National Bureau of Investigation regarding his suggestion if he could use tricycles to ferry patients to the hospitals who need their regular check-up, dialysis  etc. and to help the frontliners to reach the hospitals where they work. It was rejected by the national government so he rented  Combis but they were never used. Nasapawan bigla ang national government. He belongs to the other side of the fence  and is doing his best to help his constituents, a young leader who has genuine compassion for his people and he gets called out because they said he violated the law.


Compare their treatment to a certain senator who was already PUI and yet he still attended two parties, accompanied his wife to Makati Medical Center, went shopping  at S & R when he was supposed to be on quarantine. The same day that he brought his wife to MMC, he received a message from RITM that he was  COVID positive. One of his reasons was, he didn’t know he was to be on quarantine, his doctor didn’t tell him.  MMC has to fumigate their obstetric ward, put the doctors and nurses on quarantine after the incident. The Dept. of Justice said, we had to be “compassionate” even if he put several people at risk.  See the injustice to Vico  while favoring a senator who belongs to the same political party as the president?

I say this is clear stupidity. A political harassment. NBI should focus their eyes on those non-performing local government officials  who let their constituents go hungry. Here’s what Senator Pangilinan has to say on the matter. I am quoting him verbatim. It’s written in Tagalog guys  for more effect.

Paano nilabag ni Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto ang batas na hindi pa batas? Ginamit ang mga improvised tricycle bago mag-March 18. Umapela, tinanggihan, at sumunod sa utos si Mayor Vico March 19. Naging batas ang Bayanihan to Act Heal as One Act (Special Powers Act) noong March 24.

A case against Mayor Vico for acts done before the effectivity of the Special Powers Act will not fly as it will violate Art. III, Sec. 22 of the Constitution, which reads “[n]o ex post facto law or bill of attainder shall be enacted.”

Sa madaling salita, labag sa Saligang Batas na gawing krimen ang isang bagay na nagawa na bago pa man maipasa ang bagong batas.

I-atras na ang pananakot na kasuhan si Mayor Vico. Nagtatrabaho siya nang mabuti at naghahanap ng solusyon at paraan para makatulong. Habulin ang mga tunay na pahirap ngayong may epidemya.

Panawagan ko sa mga kapwa lingkod-bayan: Huwag tayong magpagamit sa ibang interes at kapritso — kapakanan ng taumbayan sana ang pokus natin sa lahat ng oras lalo na ngayong panahon ng peligro.

Huwag na ninyong dagdagan ang mga kapalpakan at pagsipsip. Hindi kayo nakakatulong. Umayos kayo.

Sorry guys, I haven’t  read nor  commented on all your posts yet. Just here to vent my frustration with this government.

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