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I really hope it was a blessed, peaceful and a happy celebration for you and your family. It was a quiet celebration for us, attending the Christmas Eve mass at our village chapel and the Christmas Day mass at St. Jude Thaddeus Parish where I received a personal blessing from one of my favorite priests, Fr. Matthew Fernandez of the Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross.

For the first time in so many years, we got to celebrate Noche Buena quietly and I mean, no fanfare not much food on the table except for hot drinks  and fried chicken which I laboriously cooked on a charcoal stove after attending the Holy Mass at 7:30pm, an almost two-hour celebration presided by our Parish priest.  For the first time too, our LPG lasted for seven weeks when we changed our gas dealer last month. Unluckily though, it conked out on me when I was about to cook for Noche Buena last Christmas Eve. Of all things that has to happen, it has to be that!  I had previously cooked Embutido and Callos but they were frozen on the ref and reheating them  on the microwave was such a waste of time. My son suggested that we just listen to Christmas carols while waiting for 12 midnight. It’s our usual tradition over the years to attend the Christmas Eve mass together,  prepare Noche Buena meals then open our gifts afterward. It has always been a happy occasion but Nissa was not around to share the fun with us. They only came for Christmas dinner yesterday afternoon so we opened our gifts late and just enjoyed the quiet evening.  It was a completely different scene and  it was so peaceful and quiet.

Christmas morning found us attending the 9am mass then a marathon cooking for lunch and dinner.  Although it was fun giving Mom, son and hubby their own tasks to do, it was a bit tiring for me.  I told hubby  that I’ve done this for 29 years now, doing the cooking all year round. Can someone volunteer for a change and do their thing in the kitchen? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Anyway, Christmas won’t be what it is for us without laboring on the stove. We don’t go out much during Christmas day because sometimes, we  have visitors at home, relatives and friends who come to visit. There were times though in the past when we had Christmas lunch outside then later watched a movie. Usually, during Christmas day, all movies are in Tagalog because of the film festival.  I want to watch Segunda Mano but Mom says she does not want to watch horror movies. Gosh, I miss watching Tagalog movies, it’s been years since I did.  And I love horror movies.  Oh well, I wish Nissa is around to accompany me. I miss the girl-bonding.

I was reading the Pope’s Christmas Eve homily and I quote: Today Christmas has become a commercial celebration, whose bright lights hide the mystery of God’s humility, which in turn calls us to humility and simplicity. Let us ask the Lord to help us see through the superficial glitter of this season, and to discover behind it the child in the stable in Bethlehem, so as to find true joy and true light.

It’s so true, sometimes we forget why we are celebrating and whom we are celebrating for.


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Happy Birthday Jesus, You are the reason for this celebration!

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Gone are the days when you dream of  shiny and luscious locks. When you get older, you have really no option but to wear it shorter – easy to manage and easy to control.  Back when I was in college, I used to have long hair and the curls never showed. Was it only yesterday that Mom told me, rather, she asked me why my hair is so “kulot”?  That means curly and wavy to you guys out there. And it really looks like I got a permanent perm without the benefit of going to the beauty parlor  or a hair salon to have it maintained.

I guess it runs in the family, my younger brother has it too, that’s why he has his hair cut close to his scalp. Some cousins on  my father’s side  have curly and naturally wavy hear too. The last time I had it cut was two weeks before Nissa’s wedding last month and it’s getting unruly again – no, make that –  it is unruly. My hair has fine strands so you can just imagine how it looks grown a few inches from my usual hair trim every month.  It makes me laugh a little and smile  🙂 on the side why I am even blogging about this.

The best thing is, when I visit my hair stylist at David’s Salon, I always get a chance to exchange ideas with them.  There is that perpetual complaint and observation about how hard life is nowadays and the costs of necessary things for one’s survival are getting sky-high, no longer reached by the common tao or ordinary citizens.  We talk about anything under the sun, sometimes, they update me on what is happening to the movie and tv personalities that they admire. I smile at the thought. One should not always get serious about life itself, a friend is fond of saying ” watch the wrinkles”.  Problems will always be there but our attitude towards them counts a lot.  Little worries actually make us focused and determined to face everything that comes our way.  I learned long ago that letting go and letting God takes control is really the best way to have peace of mind.  Worrying won’t solve your problems but being positive about life  makes it easier to bear. When I think of the times that I’ve been through the past few years, I am just amazed that being resilient  helped me go on.  It’s time to give back and thank God for all the blessings because in the long run they far outweigh the problems we encounter.

It’s five days to go before Christmas and I wish for peace for all of us.  A blessed Christmas to all!

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It’s the Holy Season of Advent and we’re now celebrating the first Sunday. Every year, we look forward to the coming  of Jesus and pray those beautiful prayers of longing and waiting and sing those beautiful songs of hope and promise.

The Advent season is full of God’s blessings for all of us. He makes  us realize and remember to look back at the whole year that is about to end and to look forward to a new and hopeful  year that is about to begin.  Are we ready to take Him into our hearts? Are we ready to accept Him in our lives?  True, we always say time is gold and we should not waste it but we also need to take stock of what is more important, a quiet contemplation, a moment of silence, a minute of giving thanks.  Let this be a season of joy for all of us, awaiting a most precious event of the season – a baby born in swaddling cloths to save  mankind.

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