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Oh No!

The moment when you accidentally delete a whole paragraph of a blog because you were busy doing something else on the net….so sad, I could cry! I can’t recapture every word, they’re not exactly how I wrote them a few minutes ago¬† ūüė¶


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I used to blog about blogs and the life of a blogger, for¬† sometime now though, I haven’t written a single post.

Been blogging¬† for¬† about nine years now. I must admit, it is a long journey. A journey of faith, hope, inspiration, finding friendship, sharing and visiting places¬† I’ve never been. It is nice to see those places that you just read in books. It’s nice to see those wonderful photos shared by online friends from other parts of the world.¬† Who would have thought¬† that blogging has gone this far?

When I started here, there were no like buttons yet but comments were open. WordPress used to have that yearly review of our blogs but for some reasons it was gone two years ago. What a pity, I loved it.  Then there was a time when they would add some inspiring words once you have  written another post like awesome, great, inspiring and the like. I miss that too.

I still use the old platform when writing a post and since  I am on a free theme, I now reduce the size of the photos I upload before posting.  I  used to participate in the photo challenges of the site where they give you a word and you have to supply your own interpretations in photos. Those posts ate up lots of my free space that is why I am  quite conscious now to post photos.

I reached another milestone, I guess. Finally I crossed the line on having around 550, 000 stats on my blog. This is for Dreams and Escapes alone. My other four blogs are not regularly updated.  At the moment,   I have a total of  550,057. It is great to know that people from all walks of life still visit and read my posts and some leave comments  on them.  I thank all of you for following my blog.

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Hey, I’m Back

I just got online. Two days of no internet connection Globe said they were under maintenance.

Anyway, I think it was a blessing in disguise because I was able to finish trimming the carabao grass and pruning some plants I planted earlier. Now, the garden is clean and looking fresh. I have missed blogging though and reading posts even if it was only two days since I  was  not able to visit WordPress.  Read two more books after my post on Maya Angelou.

I found this lovely title called The Book That Matters Most. The story is about a book club whose members chose books that¬† made impacts in their lives. It was nice to know that among the eight books they chose, I was able read five.¬† Isn’t it nice when you can relate to the book you read?¬† You’ve been there, read them too and you had your own¬† memories of them all. You remember the characters and the stories.


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Good morning everyone. I hope it is another happy day for all of you.

I’ve overhauled my blog slowly the past days. I noticed that there are some new bloggers who followed me and some are¬† reading my old posts which I have already forgotten. My mind says, “did I write all those?”And my thoughts wander and¬† wonder.¬† Yes, I did.¬† Some are quite emotional posts, some are a little inspirational, some are just thoughts and ramblings of the old me.

Blogging has come a long way. All these years, I’ve been sharing myself in cyberspace and I love it that I came to know a lot of people in the blogosphere and became friends with some of¬† them.¬† Although we don’t see each other and probably have no chance at all to see them personally, I feel a little closer because they share their lives and stories too.

We love stories, don’t we? We love it when¬† we have similar aspirations and dreams in life. Short of saying, “You too?”, it is really wonderful.¬† I love seeing your photos, pictures of your family,¬† places you go to and you’ve been to, your garden blooms, your¬† daily routines and what have you.

We may have different cultures but everything merges here in one community of bloggers.

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Have you noticed? I just changed my tagline.

From this:

For the nth time, I wish I could put into words the thoughts burning in my mind. I do not know how you could take interest in reading all these muddled thoughts.

To this:

Moments  cherished, memories kept, dreams fulfilled  and little things that make everyday a blessing. 

I feel the first one is no longer applicable since I’ve shared my thoughts for so many years now. And they are not muddled anymore, they are everyday things that make life uplifting and such a joy to see. In fact I could no longer recall all the things I¬† wrote several years ago, all of 2,356 posts¬† in this blog alone including this¬† latest one.¬† If I were to add the other posts I’ve done¬† in¬† my four other blogs, maybe it would amount close to 3,000 entries.

I was thinking of changing the theme too but I feel most comfortable with this one,  Misty Look although I played with the header changing it to some of my previous photos.  So each time you click a single post, the picture changes and I like it that way.

Maintaining¬† a blog is still a joy for me, an almost everyday thing that keeps me grounded and a little creative in the process.¬† It’s a guilty pleasure.

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your thoughts here. I do appreciate your “likes” too.


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Three-Day Streak?

Just got this badge from WordPress. I wonder what the three-day streak is all about.

I used to blog daily sometimes but it is only now that this feature appears. Thank you WordPress.  When I am inspired, I even blog twice daily.

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Just wondering why my old posts are being resurrected by new bloggers, some  have just started blogging.

This is it, pancit. I just reached a total of 540,058 views at the moment. I know some bloggers don’t really mind the numbers but I do. It just means some people still find my blog worth-reading about. Though I have almost reached 3,400 followers¬† (about a hundred¬† via e-mails and Twitter), only a very few¬† probably read what I post.

I love reading your comments and I make it a point to answer them all whenever possible. I love exchanging ideas with friends from¬† far away places and knowing how they live.¬† Having you all around makes blogging a joy to do. This is my 2,342nd post for this particular blog.¬† I wonder how much longer it would take me to reach 3,072 MB space allowed,¬† there is still a total of 27%¬† free space.¬† It is hard to maintain a total of five blogs and this is the only one I regularly update. I haven’t bought a camera yet so my photos at COLORS¬†¬†are not updated. I rely on my¬† camera phone and my tab plus other photos regularly sent by Nissa.

BY the way, I love to share these with you. They’re lovely quotes from one of my favorite authors¬† Kristin Hannah from a book called Angel Falls.

The measure of a man comes down to moments, spread out like dots of paint on the canvas of life. Everything you were, everything you’ll someday be, resides in the small, seemingly ordinary choices of everyday life. it starts early, this random processions of decisions.

Each decision seems as insignificant as a left turn on an unfamiliar road when you have no destination in mind. But the decisions accumulate until you realize one day that they’ve made you the man that you are.

A blessed and happy Thursday to all.


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