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When I was done with my check-up yesterday,(that’s waiting for a few hours to be seen by the ENT for five minutes), I dropped by David’s Salon to have my hair trimmed.

I let my hair grow for a few months and it went wild this way and that. My health is my priority. Going to the doctor at least twice a week and having those lab tests every two weeks taxed my strength. So yesterday, I went to David’s. I was the hair stylist’s first client. Hair trim has gone up. The latter suggested if I want my hair colored so the gray infront of my head won’t show. I told her I don’t because I am waiting for it to grow all white but it is taking so long. I have very fine strands and somehow have become thin over the years.

Do you know, it is quite liberating (if that is the right word) not putting on make-up when I go out, it’s just a touch of lipstick and pressed powder anyway. Most of my face is always covered by face masks. My brother brought home several sets of ten face masks each when he and his wife came home for vacation.

I’ll be free for more than two weeks, that is without scheduled visits to my doctors. My ENT agreed that I’ll just visit her when I get the result of my FBS. Hooray🫠😀🥰


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