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Finally, my two tabs and CP are now linked to our new server. Josef did it for me since I am not familiar on how to go about it. We’ll see if it is really faster than Globe.

I paid our realty tax this morning and it only took me five minutes to pay to the Treasurer’s office. The trip going there is longer….haha! Nissa told me that they paid theirs in advance so they were given a discount. Theirs is an exclusive Ayala Land subdivision.

Next in line is the fire insurance for the house which is due first week of May. I had the house enrolled since we had it constructed and it is due every year. I don’t want to give it up. We transferred here on my birthday in 1995. It is quite expensive to maintain a house, the roof and the whole house need repainting. The last time we had it repainted was seven years ago.

I am supposed to visit my ENT tomorrow but I want to have my lab tests done first in a week before consulting her. I have an appointment with my new doctor, an endocrinologist/internist on the 25th of this month. I hope with my new medicines, my blood sugar level would improve.

Such is the life of someone with DM2.


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