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Is wonderful when you are happy

But it pains you sometimes when you are sad.

Life’s surprises don’t always come in dainty packages

Of pink ribbons and lovely boxes

Life’s surprises come sometimes in inopportune moments

Catching you unaware.

You smile with a certain sadness in your eyes

You greet the day

Dragging your steps along the way.

I’m here to listen

When the time comes that you want to share

I’ll be here to make you smile again

and make you believe that life is worthwhile.

Happiness lies in your heart my friend.

And it’s really wonderful to be alive.

(reposted from September 05, 2011)


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Just updated my garden blog at https://arlene1027.wordpress.com and posted some photos there.

The tomato seeds that I just threw at the back garden have grown and are bearing fruits now. Our two jackfruit trees are showing off. In a month or two, I would pick one and cook ginataang langka, a yummy dish cooked in coconut cream. My two old kalamansi trees are still bearing fruits. Ah, squash is growing too.

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