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I greet the new day with a smile and a prayer

A hope for good things to come

A loving remembrance of the past

A new lift of the heart.

Hello –

I welcome with fondness the new dawn stirring

A new day unfolding…

(reblogged from June 15, 2011)

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Weekends should be extended sleeping time but I always wake up at 4:30 am. Spent the early morning walking at the park square then I bought pandesal for mom’s breakfast. Envisioning a hot mug of coffee while walking.

Yes, lately I started drinking coffee again with a small packet of Stevia as sweetener. Nothing fancy there but just a teaspoonful of the instant variety. I don’t even like coffee creamer. In all the years that Starbucks has been here, I’ve only visited it once when my friends and I had lunch at Sweet Sensation,then transferred to Starbucks to have coffee, I didn’t order anything but watched my friends enjoying their latté, mocha and espresso. Anything with coffee creamer tastes like milk to me. I don’t drink milk, I neither eat white chocolate.

There is something wonderful about drinking coffee in your favourite mug instead of the disposable variety they use at coffee shops. Watching the world go by, waiting for the sunrise while staying at the garden, precious minutes of ‘alone time’ while our three doggies who stay outside our grills hover nearby. Oh, but I was able to trim our fukien tea plants. Nice touch, I say. Since it is almost summer, our carabao grass is growing slowly but my few pots of Amazon lilies are flowering again. Such heady scent.

I remember our trips to Caleruega several years ago. They usually serve kape barako, a variety grown locally here. I miss it. It’s the variation of the liberica variety. Traditionally, it is served either black or sweetened with muscovado sugar. The recent rise of local shops serving other varieties has led to low consumption of it although there are still coffee shops that serve it. It was popular with the older generation.

Coffee anyone?


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