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We bought a tank of an LPG gas yesterday and I was like ” my gosh, even this has increased big time?” The last time we bought one two months ago, the price was P920 pesos for a filled-up 11 kg. tank but it has risen to P1,150 pesos yesterday. Since we don’t cook much nowadays, the previous one has reached two months. Almost every day we order online food and when Josef and Jovy are at the office, it is just mom and me. Mom doesn’t eat much now, I have to wake her up in the middle of the day to eat lunch and around 6pm for dinner. I have to supervise her meals, otherwise, three tablespoonfuls would be enough for her. She drinks plenty of water though. She does not drink coffee anymore.

I am also surprised by the price increase of eggs nowadays. What used to be P7.50 large eggs before now cost P9.50 each. I always buy a tray when I go out. The prices of commodities have all gone up. Your P1,000 pesos could not even buy a two-day meal. Sad to say, nothing is being done by this government except to go abroad and sell himself but I think no one is biting. The Marcos name is very well-known for ill-gotten wealth since the older Marcos was president for twenty years. The lowly Juan and Juana could not even meet three meals a day. Sad scenario isn’t it? Public and private employees bear the burden of being taxed as much 20% to 30% of their salaries. Kawawa ang mga mamamayan.

There are three private ITs who were concerned about the result of the previous election last May. They don’t believe that 20M votes were counted an hour after precincts closed. Their findings after several months of research were submitted to the Commission On Election but it was clearly ignored then their mandamus was filed before the Supreme Court but even that was ignored by the SC. Those justices are not talking. Clearly the election result was rigged and they are so quiet about it. There is no way to go according to the defenders of the truth but to take to the streets again. They have been having daily rosary prayers infront of COMELEC and the SC. People say that those 31M lead votes are just in the SD cards created by someone to look like it’s the truth. A done deal?

We will wait and see come February 25, the anniversary of the peaceful EDSA Revolution which led the Marcoses fleeing to Hawaii back in 1986. They have come back and the Philippines is in a rut. We are rapidly sinking.


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