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Oh, I wonder if I should be glad for having so many followers lately. When I check and look at their sites, either there is only one follower or just one or two with one blog post. Some are even blank.

I don’t want to be choosy but I want someone I could interact with or someone who comments on my blog posts. Come to think of it, they follow you but there is nothing there that would let you know whether they like your posts or not. I always acknowledge those who follow and read their posts too and I click ” follow” when I find their sites interesting.

I click Discover every now and then and I visit the blogs of those who interest me. Lucky to find them following me back.

I’ve used the Jetpack prompts three times already and I earned lots of views on the very first one I wrote about. Not all topics are worth-writing about. I earned sizable views yesterday (439 total) when they looked and read a previous post I wrote back in 2011 entitled Happy Hearts Day. Curious about love day? It does not mean that the V-day is only for lovers, it’s a celebration for everyone who loves life – friends, siblings, grandparents, grandkids and every one in the family.

I started writing daily since the year started. WordPress says I am on my 16th day this month of February. Hooray to blogging❤👨‍💻💐


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According to Taste Atlas, our very own fried bananas known as turon (deep-fried banana rolls) and maruya (fried banana fritters) are included in the 50 best deep-fried desserts in the world.

They may not be the healthiest of choices but are very popular as desserts or for afternoon snacks. Turon which is sugar-dusted and rolled in lumpia wrapper with slivers of ripe jackfruit ranked in 21st place. The lumpia wrapper makes it so crispy especially when it is newly cooked. Maruya, mashed banana mixed with batter and deep-fried was in 36th place, ranking nine places above the popular US dessert funnel cake.

Photo culled from Rappler. This a Turon.

Sometimes, when we need dessert or merienda,we buy turon at the nearby store at P12 each. In malls, they sell it at P25.

Bananas like sweet plaintain used in these two recipes are rich in fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients.

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