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Yeay, Jackfruit!

Just done watering the plants. It’s windy outside but the sun is shining bright. It makes the plants dry up fast. I used to water them twice a day but I have grown used visiting the garden around this time. I like the wind touching my face.

I trimmed some of the plants and removed a climbing vine on one of our jackfruit trees. Imagine my surprise when I saw these small fruits, there were eight in all plus two buds. If they grow big, that branch they have sprouted from might not be able to sustain their weight. We seldom let the fruits mature anymore, I pick them and cook them in coconut cream while they are still small.

The back of the house is still vacant and those teenage kids outside our subdivision are so fond of stealing what they can find. The last time they bore fruit, three were stolen. They even have the habit of throwing stones randomly. A few months ago, a glass of our French window at the back was broken. They do it at night where we could not see them. They even throw stones at the roof.


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