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How enterprising people could be sometime.

As you know in our country, sinigang is one of the best recipes served on the table. It is one of our comfort foods, be they be pork, beef or fish, there are so many ways to cook it. Sinigang is a Filipino stew that is very popular here. It is often associated with tamarind, kamias or mixed with sliced tomatoes for that sour taste. You can add vegetables like taro, water spinach, sweet potato leaves and green peppers.

Not so long ago, a friend and I attended the wake of my co-admin’s father somewhere in Quezon City. We are all active members of The Filipino Catholic. Later on, we had lunch at one of the restaurants at Ayala malls. One dish that my friend ordered was sinigang sa pakwan, simply translated, it was a stew using water melon as souring ingredient. That was the first time I tasted one.

Image culled from the net.

One morning while Josef and I were grocery-shopping, I saw these several pouches of Mama Sita’s souring ingredients. I bought 2 pouches of pakwan of course (it is in powder form). It didn’t taste as good as the fresh one though. Craving for sinigang at the moment using guava as ingredient. Believe me, it is one of the best.


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