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I’ve been looking for something I could order online for breakfast when I saw it, packs of Jollibee sausage selling at P280 each pack. I am not just sure how many are there in one pack. I ordered two and the delivery charge is P70 pesos.

There is a story behind this penchant for this one. When Nissa got married and Josef and I were left at the house, we would go to the wet market which we usually call palengke every two weeks and buy provisions good for just that, two weeks – fish, pork, chicken, vegetables, eggs and fruits. After going to the market, we would pass by Jollibee before going home and had breakfast there. I have always ordered their sausage which we call longganisa, half cup of fried rice and pouched egg. That is of course with a hot cup of coffee. Josef’s favorite is their jumbo hotdog and he orders it with hot chocolate and pouched egg too. Sometimes we drop by after attending mass during Sundays. It’s been almost three years since we went to the wet market except for that one time before Christmas last year when we bought food needed for noche buena and media noche. We still order online because it is more convenient.

The delivery guy just called up to tell me he is on the way. That was fast, it was just a ten-minute ride. I am like a kid excited to taste her favorite fast food meal again.

I am sure some of you had already heard about this fast food chain, they have gone international years ago, Filipinos abroad would still go out and buy their favourite meal.


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