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In Full Bloom…Finally

I recently updated my blog COLORS by posting the gardenia flower I posted earlier here. You might not be familiar with it but I hope you’ll find time to visit it too. https://arleneariston.wordpress.com

Here’s my introduction to my most neglected blog. It’s been years since I last updated it:

What it is that makes you capture that one particular scene, embedding it in your memory? What it is that makes you admire those lovely blooms and flowers all around? For some, it might just be a small shoot of flower on the wayside but for the photographer’s eye, it is a beautiful creation of colors . And freezing those moments in a photograph, clicking the shutter in a blink are moments worth remembering. Color me green, color me orange, it would not matter, what is important is capturing the beauty of something in a photograph.


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I’ve been meaning to do it all these years since Nissa and Josef graduated from college three years apart. Postponed doing it till Nissa got married, was meant to be a surprise gift along with paying the three musicians who were so good playing those wonderful music at the church and at the reception.

Since grade school, the two of them were always in the honors list, Josef until high school and Nissa graduated Magna Cum Laude in college, the highest honors garnered in her batch. Back in grade school and high school, they have these certificates every grading period and medals every recognition day. I was also able to attend Nissa’s recognition day prior to her graduation in college.

To cut the story short, I meant to collate all these in one scrap folder each and frame their medals in a glass case but it was never done. I also wanted to include their love letters to me when they were young but until now they are still kept in shoe boxes. Getting old, I am not as creative now as I was before.

I hope Nissa would do it for Nate. That boy started schooling since kindergarten and he collected as much as four medals every school year. Nissa hung them in that area where Nate had online class before.

By the way, I am using another prompt provided by Jetpack yesterday. It is easier to write a content when topics are suggested.

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