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Frustration to the max. Elizabeth who I follow and follows me back has just posted a new one. Pete gave me her URL because it seems I am no longer following her so I clicked follow and tried commenting, upon submission there’s nothing there, NADA.

My password is saved so I don’t need to log in but every time I check my “view admin”, it points me back to log in and it won ‘t accept the saved password. I tried password change but I am getting a hard time. I am afraid by the time I change my password, I could no longer access my account.

Have similar problem with another blogger friend Derrick, I could only see his posts when I go direct to his web site. He is neither in my reader feed but he could see my posts. There are no like and comment options in his blog.

Help please!

Why is it that I can follow other blogs but not the two of them?


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Check up again. Waiting for my ENT to arrive at 10:00am. Been here since before 7am because I have to wait at the ground floor of the mall until 8 am with all the arriving patients of The Medical City Clinic. Better be early so my medical insurance would be approved early too. Never mind waiting for the doctor until she arrives.

My ear is no longer painful, thank God. It is a great convenience when you don’t feel anything. Josef and I are done gardening, the garden just needs finishing touches.


At home now, will be back in three weeks after I am tested with my blood sugar. 1:00pm

I’ ve been blogging daily since before the end of December and yesterday WordPress informed me that I have blogged for thirty days. So glad really that I reached another milestone because I have set aside reading because of it. I have also new followers, they are all just starting at WordPress.

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