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I don ‘t normally do political blogs, but the longer this government rules, the worse it takes.

Since the (supposed) president sat down in Malacañang Palace last June 30, he already did eight foreign trips supposedly to bolster the economy and make the Philippines something we could be proud of again after a disastrous six years of Duterte reign. BUT IT IS NOT TO BE. All he got are pledges not investments. Pledges are just that. You can ‘t quantify pledges into legit investments.

The Filipino people are hard-up making both ends meet, they pay their taxes religiously (me included) but these are just being spent left and right like there is no tomorrow for this administration. It might have been good if he brings companions at a minimum but even his whole family and dakilang alalay are included in the trip with first class accommodations to boot. That trip in Davos has an additional seventy people even if they are not included in the official list – family members, wives of his friends who supported him during the election campaign and other people who just want to be included in the trip at the expense of the Filipino taxpayers. They are all free-loaders even riding in limousines to get to the airport. They have no shame😡

Have you heard of that gargantuan increase on the price of onions that reached P700 pesos a kilo a few days ago? And to think that Marcos Jr. himself is the acting Secretary of Agriculture. It is harvest season around this time and the farmers are only selling their produce at P15 to P20 a kilo but these supposedly scrupulous traders hoard them and mark them up tremendously for the daily consumers. And this government’s solution? Import onions. Poor farmers and poor us consumers. Importing goods not necessarily onions has a big gain for the importers because the price is pegged where they can earn more for their big pockets. It seems almost everyone in the government are not doing their jobs but enriching themselves. Crooks😥

Next to onions are the costs of eggs. A few months ago, a piece used to sell at P6.50 but now, it is selling at P8.50 each for medium size ones. I bought a tray this morning at P285, and they’re not even that large. Prices of basic commodities have risen in the past few months.

Juan or Juana can no longer afford decent living. And that 31million votes which made Marcos win are still in the SD cards. The Commision on Election is mum about it. It is glaring at us in the face that the man sitting in Malacañang is fake.


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