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I’d like to think my patience is long but….

Last Friday I e-mailed Pasig-Mabini branch of SSS and talked to their senior clerk of Medical Section what things were needed if I will file a disability pension as suggested by my ENT. He said the audiogram result and CT Scan if possible. I told him I already have a bank account, it is where they credit my pension. So he asked me to come over and let him look at my papers.

I left the house at around 6:30am but it was so hard to take a jeepney ride to their office. It took me two hours of waiting, traffic and all. When I arrived there it was almost 9am and there was a long line. Good thing the medical office was empty except the clerk I talked to last Friday. I gave my SSS Card then he said I am no longer allowed to file disability because I already have regular pension. Then he left me standing there. I say he is bastos. He was without manners. He should have told me last Friday not to go there anymore, I wouldn’t have wasted precious time. My e-mail was clear that I am a retiree. How insensitive people get sometime, the way they treat seniors all because they are hale and hearty. I was fuming mad on my way home. I told myself, tatanda ka rin. One day, you’ll get old too.


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