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Last night at around 6pm, power suddenly tripped. I thought it was because of the welding of a lamp post in front of our neighbor’s caused by a careless motorcycle driver. They used our outlet at the garage. All of a sudden it was dark inside the house. Good thing I had mom eat her dinner early. Our other neighbor Jomarie contacted an electrician. The latter checked our circuit breaker and it was okay.

I told Josef to call Meralco (Manila Electric Company) to report that our line was dead. After repeated follow-ups, their service crew arrived at 9pm, checked the lines going to our house and our immediate neighbor who had no power as well.

It took them around 20 minutes to bring back electricity to the two houses.

Glad it was not that incovenient because last night, it was a bit windy and it was cold even inside the house. It was a little crazy to wait for three hours though. I charged one of my tabs earlier so I could read. Around 9:30 pm I watched the cultural dance presentation of some Mabinians at the plaza. I wonder what they will have this day 3.


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