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I was inspired seeing the video post of my cousin with little boys and girls performing at the town plaza. It is our town and patronal fiesta in Mabini, Pangasinan where I was born. I guess it is a week-long celebration. I really wish I were there to witness everything. Wishful thinking, I could not leave mom here, besides, there is my health to consider.

I miss the quiet of our place in the province. Mom and I stayed there for two more weeks after Alden’s funeral last May. It’s just my sis-in-law and my niece who live there now. My cousin drives for them and they give a certain amount when they need the car. The ex-mayor who is a distant cousin and Alden ‘s former boss promised me they will help my sis-in-law with a job at the municipal hall and they did. The present mayor now is his son. Our town has greatly improved. Every time I see our municipiyo, I remember my brother because that was one of his projects when he was still alive. He designed it.

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning with the sound of tweeting birds and chickens scratching the ground for food. Add the parade of cats of my niece. Last time I counted there were nine of them. Our barangay is mostly composed of relatives – cousins on both sides, nephews and nieces and their own families. When Alden left us, everyone volunteered with preparing food for the guests. They set up tents and tarfs in front and at the back of the house. Provincial life is simple. They share what they have.

My ENT gave me a thumb’s up sign when she cleaned my ears this morning. She said it has improved. I left the result with her. She said she is going to study the findings and watch the DVD. I’ll be back on Thursday. Wish me luck and thanks again for your prayers🥰😍❤💚🙏🙏😘🤩

Our Parish is called Sto. Niño Parish
Taken at our famous Balincaguin River.

There was I think a dawn mass then there were these.


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