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My, my same old story.

I’ll have my FBS lab test tomorrow and a visit to my ENT so she could interpret the result of my CT Scan. It has been more than a week now since I had my check-up. Quite a little apprehensive though but still hopeful that I won ‘t need to go further test. Although it is no longer painful, sometimes I think my ear is full.

About two weeks ago, my doctor suggested that I file a disability benefit at SSS (Social Security System). SSS takes care of retirees like me and mom too as a survivor pensioner of Dad. All private employees contributes to the fund every month so they will receive pension when they retire. My monthly pension is now the only means of earning that I have although I have shares of stocks in two banks which I’ve been holding on long-term. BPI declares cash dividends twice a year while UBP has one. You cannot earn those dividends if you’ll just put your savings in a bank. One has to learn how to invest in blue chips. I don’t intend to sell them in the near future because the market is bearish. And speaking of the disability benefit, the application should be signed by the doctor and you have to attach those documents proving that you are disabled. Praying it would be approved.

I am a follower of this lovely site on Facebook called Sketches On Stillness. I look forward to the messages and quotes every day. They uplift my soul. Here’s one they posted a few days ago:

I feel loved by you my friends when I read all your inspiring and positive comments.


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