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Surving Still

I am proud of you Self

You survived 2022

Let’s meet 2023

With hope and faith

Tomorrow is yet to come.

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Look back with gratitude so you can look ahead with hope.

Do you remember those days when you were just a wee child and you looked at your grandparents as really, really old? You were excited to reach your teens so you could go out with your friends.

Childhood brings that smile to my face as I remember – the patintero games, luksong-tinik, playing with marbles, accumulating rubber bands and those 2 x3 text cards that I used to play with my brothers and cousins. They were nicely kept in a shoe box covered with Christmas wrapper. Back in those days, we had an area in our place where we could get red clays during the rainy season and mould them into several figures.

Our old house had what you call barandella. They are window railings. My two brothers and I would dangle our feet on each window while we made those figures like airplanes, small houses, birds and what have you out of the clay we got from the field. I used to make plates, clay pots, vases with big flowers that I could mould with my little hands.

Then one grew up, planned to have one’s own family, have pretty kids that one wished would turn out smart too. Married was a big challenge. The ex-hubby and my two kids were not together for almost twenty years except for two months vacation every two years because he worked abroad. When he came home for good, he didn’t know how to have his family by his side. You know the word called padre de familia and his words were law that the kids should not cross. It was hard for us to adjust with him around. A few months after Nissa got married, whew, he left us for good. Our life is quiet now, we have learned to adjust without his presence.

My gosh, I was counting every birthday that passed and I am grateful of lessons learned, blessings bestowed on the family and small miracles that make our lives now happy and secure. We have Nate, Nissa has just been promoted to Senior Manager at the bank where I used to work, Josef is enjoying his work at JP Morgan Chase bank. He reports to the office thrice a week and works from home for two days.

I am now 66, with those seemingly ever-present health concerns. I am still hopeful of the future though. A nun friend who is a cancer survivor like me has this to say: When you feel so much alone, that’s the time God is holding your hands. When you are at the lowest ebb of your life, you are closest to Him the most.


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