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I started following some of my followers. Maybe some of them regularly read my blog because they always click “like”. Sometimes it doesn’t mean that clicking “like ” is tantamount to really liking a post or reading it till the end. I am grateful to all of you, much more when you engage and let me read your comments.

There are a few who follow you and in turn they wanted you to follow them back. I always make it a point to read some posts first before I decide to follow one particular blogger. It is not necessary for me that they have thousands of followers. Even if they are new in the blogosphere as long as I can relate to their blog contents, I follow them. Of course it would be nice that you follow and have followers from all over because you also learn in the process – their way of life, the way they look at things, their beliefs and everything else in between. I like reading about blogging, gardening, books, poems, pets, photography, families, books and book reviews, simple way of lives, places I only see here but now not so much about music because I could not understand and hear it well. Hopefully someday, my normal sense of hearing will be back.

Do you always follow back those bloggers who follow you?


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This is a proverbial phrase used to encourage positive attitudes and optimism in the face of adversity and misfortune.

I’d like to think that after all these adversities in my life, I am still brave enough to face it all. When this year started, I posted this on my wall :

For all that will be, Yes Lord.

Starting the year with courage although at some moments I feel so down. Blessed to always wake up in the morning still hopeful of positive things that the day will bring. I know God answers prayers, it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow but in His own sweet time.

I was washing our dirty rugs which we used for a couple of days early this morning and some thoughts kept running in my head. It’s sad that I can no longer capture those phrases that I want to write about. I should have listened to the advice of a friend who used to tell me to always carry a small notebook on hand wherever I am. One will never know when those inspiring thoughts manifest themselves at a time when you are doing something else.

My daughter told me not to worry too much of the result of my CT scan. My ENT hasn’t seen it yet. If this is an exam, I’d like to think that I passed….with flying colors. Or maybe God has other plans.

As they always say, when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.

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