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I was at the Medical City Hospital early this morning to get the result of my CT Scan. I feel bad, my ENT did not report when I went to the satellite clinic of the Medical City.

It was a two-page report with accompanying DVD for the doctor. I have to Google those medical terms that I could not understand. This is just a brief summary of the findings, it is not even complete but just to let you know a little of it: left otitis externa and left otomadtoiditis with no evidence of cholesteatoma formation. Cannot rule out nadopharyngeal mass. Contrast-enhanced MRI is recommended for further evalation.

There is nothing wrong with my right ear. It’s all on the left one. My ENT will be back on Monday so I’ll just have my blood sugar test the same day. Killing two birds with one stone so to speak. I need to take a rest, I feel exhausted going out always and waking up early too. Once I read that suggestion of undergoing MRI, I was alarmed. It is not fully covered by my medical insurance. I am praying I won’t have to undergo MRI.

Truly I believe, HEALTH IS WEALTH.


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