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They always say, the journey is better than the destination. Do you agree?

Life is a long road to journey through. We may encounter some glitches and difficulties along the way, it may not be a straight path to our destination, it may be one difficult trail of stones but we struggle through. Who says life is easy maybe avoiding the truth.

We cannot hold time. The hours of the day and every day of the month pass us by. Some become lovely memories that we treasure. I am always of the thought that we carve our own destiny. Our positive outlook in life is a big factor to succeed.

Do you still observe new year’s resolution ? For me, not anymore because anytime of the day, resolutions break. I just tell myself to do the best I can and look at life as challenge to overcome. My health hasn’t been good for forty years now. It started with my preeclampsia before Nissa was born. She was not a full-term baby. From then on, I had high BP and chronic UTI.

Visiting the hospital and doctors’ clinic were more the norm than exception. I learned to adjust to what life is like when you are not hundred percent healthy. The good thing is we have a lovely gift in the person of Nate.

Josef and Jovy came home in time for New Year’s dinner last night, Nissa our photographer was not around so we didn’t have a family photo. It was only the four of us – mom, Josef, Jovy and me plus our two pets Oreo and Cookie running around under the dining table. I took shot of our simple meal with only lime juice as chaser.

Adobo, macaroni salad, pancit palabok, grilled pork and roasted chicken with yummy ensaymada for dessert.


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Why am I even blogging about this? It ‘s because I am always touched by gestures like this.

I met Mel during my first year in college back at the UST Main library when he was still a seminarian. He opted out and continued his course at the Arts and Letters. We’ve been friends throughout our college days. Sometimes he would wait for me at the library and let me take a jeepney ride first before going home to his dorm.

He is residing abroad now with his family. Yesterday I just greeted him a happy new year and asked him to include me in his prayers. These are the only times we communicate now, during birthdays and important seasons in the Catholic calendar. I was surprised when all of a sudden, I received a confirmation that he sent $100 to my account. He said it is just his way of sharing his blessings. This is the second time he did this. He read about my Covid journey last year and he surprised me by sending the same amount for my medications.

So grateful for this. It is the gesture that counts. We talked about my health problems and he understood everything because he is a nurse in the US. Friendship doesn’t need being together or always seeing each other. Surprises are lovely. And fifty years of friendship….so blessed🥰😘😍

I could clearly relate to this.

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