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Remembering my brother Alden whose birthday falls today. Had he been alive, he could have been 62.

Missing you still brother dear. Thanks for the memories. I feel like crying again.


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My first post for this year.

True enough, mom and I slept through the changing year. Woke up at around 1am and it’s already 2023. Missed calls and messages from my brother and Nissa.

Today, the Catholic Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am sad that Pope Benedict XVI is gone. Long life at 95. I love his writings.

Come to think of it, I didn’t hear any firecracker last night. Our dog Noki has always been afraid of the noise. He stayed and slept under our dining table and only he went out when I opened the door to the dirty kitchen.

Grateful to the three priest friends who promised to include me in their masses and prayers. By Tuesday, Josef and I will go to the hospital for the CT Scan. Prayers please, thank you so much.

I ought to start with my journal writing today. Sometimes it is easier to type than to write. My fingers get stiff sometimes but I promised myself slow reading this year.

All the best for 2023.

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