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It will come

When you least expect it

Hope is alive!

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We now say goodbye to January. It’s like a whirlwind that has come and gone in a flash. All I could remember about this month are my visits to my doctors, maybe around ten times if I were to count. Always, leaving the house around 6:30 am and coming home around 1 pm. Like clockwork, I had regular lab tests. It was also my first time to undergo CT Scan. In two weeks, I’ll be back again. This almost a month respite is truly a blessing for me. I walk in our village park early in the morning although it is not a regular routine. Once Josef has left, sometimes I go back to sleep.

Looking forward to the month of February. 2023 is not a leap year. We only have 28 days this coming month and before we know it, it’ll be gone. I no longer expect to be operated on for my cataract in the next few months. As long as my FBS does not remain normal, then it is not a go in the meantime. Dreading to go back to the Hub and repeat all the requirements again.

I pray that the month of February would bring us more blessings and greater opportunities in life ❤🙏🙏🙏❤.


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The bud

Stands for all things

For everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing

Though sometimes it is necessary

To reteach a thing its loveliness,

To put a hand on the brow

Of the flower

An retell it in words and in touch

Until it flowers again from within, of self-blessing.

This poem which is just a portion of the whole thing was written by Galway Kinnell. It is part of the book Ten Poems To Open Your Heart.

My thoughts:

Life is a continuing process of beginnings and endings. A bud grows like a baby fresh from her mother’s womb and you wait for her to cry signifying life. You wait for the bud to bloom and you’ll see how it will look when fully grown.

We nurture, we water it with love. It teaches us that there is something truly wonderful in what nature brings. It teaches us to be a little patient when waiting just like life itself. Days become months and months become years. Sometimes we do encounter those vicissitudes in life and our success or failure depend on our attitude towards it.

The bud stands for all things….

It’s the fullness of life truly lived.

(Wrote this before reading Roger Housden’s interpretation of the poem)

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And for all the kindness shown in this world, a big THANK YOU😘

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I am having an LSS since this morning. James Taylor….You’ve Got A Friend, Fire And Rain. Wow, I miss listening to his songs.

Back in high school, there was this guy (he was my oldest brother’s classmate) who sang the blues and strummed his guitar like JT. Everyone, my classmates and I got a crush on him. In every joint program in school, he had the intermission number. Boys and girls were separated during our high school days so we only saw each other during joint activities. Which reminds me, today is the start of our golden celebration/grand reunion since we left our high school alma mater back in 1973. It is a week-long celebration with some schoolmates/classmates coming back home from abroad to join the scheduled activities. Some classmates asked me if I am joining. How could I? I could not leave mom alone here. They are scheduled to go out of town and enjoy the events.

Today we also celebrate the Feast Day of St. Thomas Aquinas, an Italian Dominican friar and priest, a philosopher, theologian and doctor of the Church. He is the patron saint of the University of Santo Tomas where I spent high school and college days. It is around this time when most graduates of UST have their reunions. One schoolmate told me that the grand reunion for all Thomasians will be held on Sunday.

How lovely to reminisce high school days and all because of the lyrics of one song….you just call out my name and you know wherever I am, I’ll come running to see you again.

Don’t you miss that kind of friendship during your younger years and you were just beginning to discover what a beautiful world it was because you had kind and loyal friends? And aren’t you blessed and lucky that you are still friends after all these years? I do and I am. So glad there are now social media sites where we could meet.

What a wonderful thing friendship is🥰❤💐

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They come in droves

And I always wonder

Most of us are probably feeling low

And sick at heart.

Older ones come in wheelchairs

Wearing sweaters down to their socks.

Sometimes I feel that despite everything

I am blessed that I could still walk

dine at my favorite place

And enjoy the breeze touching my face.

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When I was done with my check-up yesterday,(that’s waiting for a few hours to be seen by the ENT for five minutes), I dropped by David’s Salon to have my hair trimmed.

I let my hair grow for a few months and it went wild this way and that. My health is my priority. Going to the doctor at least twice a week and having those lab tests every two weeks taxed my strength. So yesterday, I went to David’s. I was the hair stylist’s first client. Hair trim has gone up. The latter suggested if I want my hair colored so the gray infront of my head won’t show. I told her I don’t because I am waiting for it to grow all white but it is taking so long. I have very fine strands and somehow have become thin over the years.

Do you know, it is quite liberating (if that is the right word) not putting on make-up when I go out, it’s just a touch of lipstick and pressed powder anyway. Most of my face is always covered by face masks. My brother brought home several sets of ten face masks each when he and his wife came home for vacation.

I’ll be free for more than two weeks, that is without scheduled visits to my doctors. My ENT agreed that I’ll just visit her when I get the result of my FBS. Hooray🫠😀🥰

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Frustration to the max. Elizabeth who I follow and follows me back has just posted a new one. Pete gave me her URL because it seems I am no longer following her so I clicked follow and tried commenting, upon submission there’s nothing there, NADA.

My password is saved so I don’t need to log in but every time I check my “view admin”, it points me back to log in and it won ‘t accept the saved password. I tried password change but I am getting a hard time. I am afraid by the time I change my password, I could no longer access my account.

Have similar problem with another blogger friend Derrick, I could only see his posts when I go direct to his web site. He is neither in my reader feed but he could see my posts. There are no like and comment options in his blog.

Help please!

Why is it that I can follow other blogs but not the two of them?

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Check up again. Waiting for my ENT to arrive at 10:00am. Been here since before 7am because I have to wait at the ground floor of the mall until 8 am with all the arriving patients of The Medical City Clinic. Better be early so my medical insurance would be approved early too. Never mind waiting for the doctor until she arrives.

My ear is no longer painful, thank God. It is a great convenience when you don’t feel anything. Josef and I are done gardening, the garden just needs finishing touches.


At home now, will be back in three weeks after I am tested with my blood sugar. 1:00pm

I’ ve been blogging daily since before the end of December and yesterday WordPress informed me that I have blogged for thirty days. So glad really that I reached another milestone because I have set aside reading because of it. I have also new followers, they are all just starting at WordPress.

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A good friend and a neighbor messaged me yesterday and asked if I have already submitted the new data form for senior citizens. She gave me a link and asked me if I could drop by our village’s senior citizens building and get a form to fill up. When I reached the place, there were so many people outside and I asked her why. She told me they are getting their social pension for the past three months.

Back in April last year, I applied for a new senior citizen’s card for mom here in our place because she doesn’t have benefits there in the province and all because she is a survivor pensioner which started when dad died. Every birthday here, a senior gets some groceries and an umbrella. When I read about the national social pension for those aged 80 and above, I decided to apply for her. The mayor in our town endorsed the cancellation of her senior citizen’s ID. I applied for social pension only last December here in Cainta. I didn’t expect that she will be included soon but our neighbor (she is the secretary of the SCs here in our village )checked the list and found mom’s name and asked me to go back and secure an application in lieu of mom. Since she can no longer write, a thumb mark was okay. I have to submit xerox of her SC ID and mine. I was surprised when they gave a full year benefit in her name. For some people, the amount of 6k might be too small but it is a blessing for us. It could buy at least a full grocery cart.

It is a blessing indeed. Hereon, they give benefits to the most senior members of our country every year (80 and above) and when one reaches the age of 100, they ģive P100,000.00 benefits to survivors but of course that seldom happens nowadays.

Since they no longer have a copy of the forms for the new data update, I filled up two applications online and submitted them yesterday with the help of Josef.

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