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An Accident

This morning, I was on my way back to The Medical City Clinic to wait for my doctor after a few minutes buying apples and slippers at the wet market when I saw this guy riding in his motorcycle suddenly fall from his bike in the middle of the road. Some pedestrians and I were crossing the road when we saw the accident. He was driving fast and suddenly stopped because it is a green light for pedestrians. His foot was trapped on the wheels of his motorcycle. I really shouted “ayye” when I saw it. Good thing there were other drivers following him and they helped him to the side of the road.

Sometimes no matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Yesterday, a friend of mine’s car was rear-ended by a speeding bus and he in turn was carried by his car to the car before him. He has broken glass, windows were destroyed and he said it would probably take two months to repair his car by the insurance company. His older sister was riding at the front too so they were spared on the impact of the accident at the rear of his car. Thank God.

I am always telling my kids to drive safely but those on the road along with them maybe a bit careless in driving.


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I asked one of my sukis how much a kilo of onion costs.  My goodness, I was shocked. A kilo now sells at 600, even more expensive than a kilo of meat. This government is not doing anything and to think that the president is also the Secretary of Agriculture. What’s happening world? It was around 200 a few months ago. I have a mind to just use ginisa mix or magic sarap though they are not that healthy.

This government is proud about those pledges of the other nations that their president went to. ( I don’t consider him my president because he won by the magic of the SD cards). Goodness gracious, they never learn, a pledge is just a pledge until the money is in your hands. They are trying to touch even the pension plans of citizens which are being managed by the government appointees. No investment from abroad, they don’t trust him.

I wonder how those who voted for him feel now. Those cash payoffs that they received before is probably gone in a month. That IT who did the magic on the election’s result must be shaking in his boots now unless otherwise paid by the billions. It was discovered that those 20M votes counted an hour after election is not true. Our internet service providers are so slow except that one time where the voters’ count appeared in an hour.

I wonder, do we have a fake president?

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