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Just like on Facebook in which I cleared my list of friends lately, I’ve done the same thing to those blogs I follow online. As I have said before, it is not the number of followers that counts or the number of blogs you follow, I’m more appreciative of the content.

On Facebook when I posted that I narrowed down my list of friends, most of them asked, Am I still in? The mere fact that you could see my updates means you are in the loop…still.

I understand that some bloggers may not always have the time to compose a post, they might just be busy with life itself. But when it takes years that they are not blogging, they might have abandoned their blogs.

I visit DISCOVER from time to time looking for blogs quite similar to mine and believe me, there are hundreds. I do relate with some – blogging about life in general, family life in particular, those who love gardening, reading and those whose blogs describe the places where they are blogging from (I learn that way). I also love cooking segments and how well presented their recipes are. Photography is one thing so interesting in a blog, the way a blogger shows a particular place or object arresting to my eyes. Never mind if it is just a long empty road but speaks volumes to the reader. Poems too, yes! Although I don’t indulge in it more often, I love reading poems too. Dogs, I love those who share the lives of their lovable dogs. We have six doggies outside, a Shih Tzu and a Shih Poo inside the house. The last two share a room with Jovy and Josef, an air conditioned room at that.

Are you still active in the blogging world?


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Noel and I had a nice chat this morning. We talked of how he will celebrate his 59th birthday but he said he had to go to work but their friends held a party and they were invited.

I visited his wall on Facebook and I saw those pictures he shared when his godparent Mama Julian died early this year. Among the four, mom is the only one left. They were the photos of Dad, Mom, Mama Julian and Nana Mina when they visited us several years ago while Noel’s family were on vacation too.

Mama Julian and his family were in the same compound in Quezon City when us kids were still younger. They were the best of friends. I remember during my grade school years in the province and when our barangay fiesta is celebrated in December, Mama Julia’s family would stay in our house, the night would always be a lovely affair with dancing and programs and the two (Mama Julian and Dad) would act as emcees. They would solicit raffle prizes beforehand and raffle them off to our ka-barangay. It was always a lovely affair. They even had drama skit afterwards. Back then, a 200-peso envelope was a big, big prize. There were gifts from Mama Julian’s officemates in Congress. All of the latter’s family are residing abroad now except for two who came home and the other one was a teacher.

Those were the days when we would all look forward to December 27. Nowadays, it’s run by the barangay captain in our place.

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