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It’s those moments when they just click follow but they don’t engage – no likes, no comments. I have a mind to say maybe some bloggers think that you’ll follow them back which is not always the case.

I love seeing “likes” on my posts. It means either they actually read your post or just scanned it for a few seconds. A friend once told me on FB that when she click “like” on my wall about something I wrote, she is saying that she has read it or telling me that she is there. Normally, she would come back and comment later.

I have close to 5,000 followers but I only get 15 to 30 likes on the average. I am lucky if at least ten of them would make a comment on a post. Back in my early years blogging when I participated once in WordPress’ challenge of blogging every day, there were so many comments and likes. Maybe I have exhausted thinking about contents that are still worth- reading. I have around 4,000 posts more or less because I keep five blogs. I have one for photography loving the macro shots I did, I have started one too when my grandson Nate was born in 2012, a gardening blog which I update now and then and a new one I started three years ago but I don ‘t know what happened, I could not access it anymore although I can still see those earlier posts I made with photos in every post when I am not logged in to it. And of course, this main blog, Dreams and Escapes. I am almost at the end of this free theme and platform. You could all find the links when you visit my blog. A lot of us do get updated on our reader feed without going to the blog itself.

I follow close to a hundred bloggers but most of them are no longer active and I miss their posts. Maybe they got tired of blogging?


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