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I always get a little annoyed every time I try to blog on my tab. I think it was more than a year ago when my PC conked out and I haven’t replaced it yet until now.

I got used having my two tabs around when I want to publish a post. Aside from the little quirks that WordPress introduces regularly, I get by somehow. I miss though those things one can do with a blog when you are using a PC. It used to be when I can choose a format when I post more than one photo, either together, at the center or left or right. There are only two choices you can do when posting on a tab. It’s either in high resolution format or in large prints which eat up my remaining free upload. I could not even choose how big or small the letters could be in a paragraph when I am blogging. It’s a little convenient though when one is using a tab to blog. You can blog on your bed any time🥰

The downside using a tab is more than the convenience of using it. I am not planning to buy a new computer since I just bought a new tab which I use for reading e-books.


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I am about done with my 2022 Goodreads Reading Challenge. I am on my 150th book which I promised myself to read this year. It is a historical novel based on things that happened centuries ago. I do still intend to record my book reads for 2023, but I wanna try slow reading and keeping a journal at the same time based on the books.

Of all the five books that a friend visiting from Canada gave me, I am pretty excited with Roger Housden’s Ten Poems To Open Your Heart. Even the dust jacket looks so enticing. I’ll start from this one of course. My friend suggested that I focus on the words, quotes and sentences. He said that the experience is rich and fulfilling.

Journaling….I will start with this in a few days as soon as I finish the 150th book this year. There is a biblical passage in every page. Here’s one:


Here’s my new journal. It will surely be another reading journey for me.

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