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I started blogging about my birthday back in 2008 at Multiply. I didn’t even know that there is a WordPress, I was blogging at Multiply. A good friend recommended it to me and I set one up but it took me a year to come back, customize and update it. Been blogging about my birthday since then.

I can’t resist writing about all these years. The year 2022 brought so much pain when my younger brother Alden left us. And mom could not even remember that he is no longer around. She kept telling me to call him so she could go back to the province.

In a few hours, I’ll be turning 66. I am not asking for material gifts but I would like to ask you to say a little prayer for me for my health. Got so many issues but I like to think they are being addressed now. I’ll be having lab tests again come November 4 then I’ll go back to my internist. First week of December, I’ll be seeing my ENT. She wants my ear test repeated by an audiologist, a different one this time. Eye cataract operation is out at the moment until my blood sugar goes back to normal. Oh, the pain and hassle of getting old. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful to my loving God guiding me, loving me and egging me on to trust Him always.

Maybe, we’ll have a late celebration when Noel and Lanette arrive. Jovy and Josef have work tomorrow.


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I was on my way to buy pandesal for mom’s breakfast and pancit Malabon for me when I saw this dad and son tandem doing brisk walk at the park. It was 5:30am and still dark. I enjoyed watching them for a few minutes and when the little boy noticed me, he ran ahead of his dad. He was wearing a cute child’s face mask. He was probably around four. When I passed by again on my way home, they were still at it. What a nice bonding.

I’m envious of his stamina. I do morning walks too but it is definitely erratic. I go out for around thirty minutes after Josef has left for work at 5am. It is not everyday though, sometimes I still feel so sleepy and go back to bed. Now is the best time to start again, the soft breeze is cool and there are few joggers starting early. The park is well-lighted and is adjacent to our village chapel. In one corner are swings, seesaw and other equipments both adults and the kids can enjoy. There is a prominent space near the chapel where an image of Mama Mary is enshrined. There are lots of greens planted surrounding the village park.

Morning exercise, any one?

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