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I went back to my ENT last Thursday to show her the result of my ear tests done by an audiologist. She said she is not happy with it because it is incomplete. There is no graph shown on my right ear. She said I’ll come back in two months around the first week of December and have another test done from an audiologist she will recommend. I actually told her that hearing loss advances every six months (per the advice of the audiologist) but she said it is not true.

I asked if it has something to do with the strange and loud sounds I heard when I had Covid-19 back in May 2021. She told me it has no relation but heredity does. I was talking to a maternal cousin two nights ago and she mentioned mom’s siblings and other relatives who suffered from hearing loss. It is indeed hereditary.

My ENT told me to canvass hearing aids in those companies she deals with. One has six months to pay with no interest if you use a credit card and also they have a 20% discount for senior citizens. Another one has a little lower cost and they are willing to make airmolds so the hearing aid would fit my ears. She even suggested that I file permanent disability to SSS (Social Security System). I went to the SSS yesterday to get an application form at the nearest branch here in our place. She gave me a prescription of vitamin B complex.

That’s the last of my going back to the doctor until next month when I’ll have my FBS and creatinine labs.


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It’s New!

Three days ago, I asked Josef where our car was. He said “it will be delivered this afternoon” so I thought there was trouble with it. Joy has it regularly checked because she uses it every day.

Imagine my surprise when he woke me up and showed a new car parked in the garage. It is a Geely Coolray, a sub compact crossover and Geely Philippines’s newest contender to the Philippine automotive market.

Just like Nissa and Obet’s Ford Territory, it has sunroof. You can open it even if you’re outside the car and doors could also be opened through your programmed thumb print. Though it is owned by a Chinese giant carmaker who owns Volvo, the engine is Volvo technology. We’ll see how it goes in the long run. Josef hadn’t learned to drive it yet because it ‘s automatic. Our previous car was manual. They sold it (it’s only used for five years) and used the proceeds for the down payment of the new one. Jovy has been using it for three days now.

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