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I can’t resist posting these from the lovely photos on Nissa’s birthday 🎂 . They celebrated at SOFITEL MANILA. I am saving on space hence these two.

Look at those lovely smiles ☺
SOFITEL’s way of greeting a birthday celebrator. In other high-end restaurants like Vikings, the staff often serenade one with birthday greetings.


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A Nice Surprise

I found this lovely utility box 🗃 at the secret compartment of our headboard. It’s made of wood. It’s Nissa’s. She wrote her name and signature at the back of the cover. As it was covered by dust, I washed and dried it under the sun☀.

I am using it now for my pens, wrist watch, a Carmelite scapular and my bracelet rosary. I bring the rosary with me when I go out and usually, I would pray🙏 fifteen mysteries before I am seen by the doctor.

I love the message “friends forever “.

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