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Yes, Virginia, that’s how many posts I’ve written for Dreams and Escapes over the years. I started last May 2009 and as I have said before, it has become a way of life for me. Call it another habit that I can’t break.

I just updated my blog at Gardens and Empty Spaces which is linked to this one. Gosh, 3,386 posts for one blog alone is I think the highlight of my blogging world. It started with sharing my plight as a cancer patient and a cancer survivor but it is presently a smorgasbord of my life’s journey.

Sometimes I feel sad that I could no longer see posts from people and friends I am following and those who are following me. Maybe they have grown tired😴 of blogging. There was a time when we used to exchange comments and healthy ideas in this blogging world. Though my stats ✨ has ballooned to almost 700,000, I am lucky now if I get a hundred 💯 views in a day. Oops, I am not complaining, maybe they also got tired of my writings. Sometimes, I don’t get much enthusiasm in writing a post because most of the time now, I get engrossed in reading 📖. I don’t get to read most of the blog posts on my reader feed.

People in my blogging world disappeared all of a sudden. How I wish I could get in touch with them again. I miss you🧒 all.

Keep writing.


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