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Just when I bought a new tab, my old one is functioning again….haha! I mean it charged a hundred percent. Josef transferred my e-books and put the old SD card in the slot here. The new one had 158 GB. Told the guys at Samsung, I will still have enough space even if this tab no longer functions. They smiled at me. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. It went to the market late last year. Got it P9,490 pesos.

I took two photos of my Camia blooms early this morning with this phone’s camera.

So sweet scent . I think they bloom during the rainy season. It still rains here occasionally.

Yesterday, I went back to my internist for another check-up. He added one more medication for my blood sugar. I’ll be back for lab on November 4 for creatinine and FBS. Good news, I finally found an audiologist at the hospital near our place. I set an appointment for next Tuesday.

At least now, I have a spare tab when I blog at WordPress and when updating FB.


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