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I miss reading Barbara Gonzales-Ventura’s articles in Philippine Star, a national daily so I searched online. She’s still at it, writing in her mid-seventies if I am not mistaken. I was surprised that she is into making rosaries now. How nice that she sells them, and she has many orders.

The three of us, Nissa, Josef and I used to make rosaries a decade ago when Nissa was planning to get married. We bought several beads in Quiapo and the other materials that goes with making a rosary. In fact, Nissa made her own wedding cord when she got married, made one for her in-laws on their 50th wedding anniversary and some more as wedding gifts to her friends. Josef made the big ones for display and decor also for his friends. I made more than a dozen which I gave as gifts for friends who visited the house before. Hematite beads, faked pearls, tiger’s eye, Swarovski crystals which are a little more expensive, you name it, we have them all. I gifted Nissa with a jade rosary I made when she tied the knot with Obet. She’s more into fashionable bracelets now.

I collect rosaries too, mostly gifts from friends coming home from abroad. Fr. Lovell gifted me with a Vatican rosary and another one from Jerusalem. A friend from Netherlands sent me a rosary when her family visited Siena. Some friends gave ring rosaries and Josef gave me a rosary bracelet from Manaoag which I use when I go out. Fr. Louie gave me one too the first time we met at Sto. Domingo Church. I love the rose rosaries, I have two of them.

We still have some materials left. I made one for myself out of rose quartz. Photo below.

The center medal is an engraved photo of St. John Paul II. I have it blessed by a priest friend from Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross.

Rosary-making is such a nice hobby but I prefer reading nowadays😘


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