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It’s 6am October 29, 2022 Manila time

It seems like a few winks ago but now October is rapidly melting and saying goodbye. How time⌚ flies.

I was so excited at the beginning of this month because it is my birth month but it came and went like lightning – quiet and rainy still. Our 16th weather disturbance Paeng is affecting almost all of the entire country. Metro Manila is under signal #2. It’s windy this morning and it rained last night. The garden is truly wet. There is a drizzle this morning accompanied by occasional winds and it’s cold. You would think that the rainy season has stopped because Amihan was already declared a few days ago but always, it is at the last quarter of the year when we have strong typhoons. Hopefully, it won’t be a rainy Christmas season.

Read all the comments and messages on my birthday yesterday. I was touched seeing those inspiring ones. How lovely!

The miracle is you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone driven by faith and love of Christ on this day and every day – from Fr. Jessie, OP. I share a birthday with him. Scorpio both.

Happy, happy birthday po Tita! Regardless of whatever life has in store may you always remember that you are embraced by a God who loves you more. Ingat po and God bless. – Bro. Russel is a seminarian from the Society of Saint Paul.

True friends stay forever, beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time. – this is from sis Odette, a friend for more than ten years now. She included some of our pictures.

Happiest birthday Mama. I wish you good health and happiness always. I love you. – from Nissa, she sent it via a video with my picture and attached a poem about motherhood.

Happiest birthday miss A. Rest assured of my prayers. – a message from Fr. Louie, OP. He is my mentor at our Catholic page on FB.

These are just a few of more than 200 greetings I got from FB and my heart ♥ is happy. Aside from my individual acknowledgements and thanks for their birthday greetings, I posted this on my wall.


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Since it was only the four of us, I didn’t bother to cook. Josef works from home every Thursday and Friday. Jovy leaves the house around 2pm.

I ordered cooked veggies from our neighbour, Nissa sent a box of chicken inasal, Josef bought an ube cake🎂 which is a favorite, Jovy gave me a box of Twinings Camomile tea. There was a vendor who passed by this morning selling slippers so I bought a pair for me. That was how simple the celebration was. Josef took some photos on my tab.

I think Red Ribbon forgot to include a candle.
I love this cake flavour but I could only eat a small slice because I’m watching my blood sugar.
Chicken Inasal sent by Nissa for our lunch.
I need this, I drink Camomile tea every day. It lowers glycemic index.
A lovely pair of slippers as gift to myself…..haha!

Truly blessed at 66.

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Crazy 🤪

I wonder why my blog post Birthday Gifts was posted twice so likes and comments were split too.

Crazy isn’t it?

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Early this morning, I received a bag of groceries and an umbrella from our town mayor, Mayor Elen Nieto, wife of our former mayor.

It was a nice surprise. Last year, I had to go to the municipal office to get it, this time, two of their staff delivered it. THANK YOU so much.

I love that cute coin purse, a change from the one I had last year. It is nice to be remembered.

I have lots of umbrellas now, sent some to my sis-in-law and cousins in the province. Every year, an umbrella is included in their gifts 📦.

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I started blogging about my birthday back in 2008 at Multiply. I didn’t even know that there is a WordPress, I was blogging at Multiply. A good friend recommended it to me and I set one up but it took me a year to come back, customize and update it. Been blogging about my birthday since then.

I can’t resist writing about all these years. The year 2022 brought so much pain when my younger brother Alden left us. And mom could not even remember that he is no longer around. She kept telling me to call him so she could go back to the province.

In a few hours, I’ll be turning 66. I am not asking for material gifts but I would like to ask you to say a little prayer for me for my health. Got so many issues but I like to think they are being addressed now. I’ll be having lab tests again come November 4 then I’ll go back to my internist. First week of December, I’ll be seeing my ENT. She wants my ear test repeated by an audiologist, a different one this time. Eye cataract operation is out at the moment until my blood sugar goes back to normal. Oh, the pain and hassle of getting old. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful to my loving God guiding me, loving me and egging me on to trust Him always.

Maybe, we’ll have a late celebration when Noel and Lanette arrive. Jovy and Josef have work tomorrow.

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I was on my way to buy pandesal for mom’s breakfast and pancit Malabon for me when I saw this dad and son tandem doing brisk walk at the park. It was 5:30am and still dark. I enjoyed watching them for a few minutes and when the little boy noticed me, he ran ahead of his dad. He was wearing a cute child’s face mask. He was probably around four. When I passed by again on my way home, they were still at it. What a nice bonding.

I’m envious of his stamina. I do morning walks too but it is definitely erratic. I go out for around thirty minutes after Josef has left for work at 5am. It is not everyday though, sometimes I still feel so sleepy and go back to bed. Now is the best time to start again, the soft breeze is cool and there are few joggers starting early. The park is well-lighted and is adjacent to our village chapel. In one corner are swings, seesaw and other equipments both adults and the kids can enjoy. There is a prominent space near the chapel where an image of Mama Mary is enshrined. There are lots of greens planted surrounding the village park.

Morning exercise, any one?

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Here in our country Amihan refers to the season dominated by trade winds which we experience as cool northeast winds. It is characterized by moderate temperature and little or no rainfall.

We have two seasons in the country every year, two kinds of winds, the Amihan and Habagat. Amihan is known as the Northeast monsoon while Habagat is known as the Southwest monsoon. Habagat is the rainy season which occurs from May to October. It is where we have an average of around twenty typhoons. We are having the 15th now although Metro Manila is not affected. It is sunny here in our neck of the woods.

Yesterday, PAGASA (our weather bureau) declared that it is the beginning of the Amihan season. November to February are cold months which I always await every year.

Culled from Raffler.

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P.S. I Love You

This book has been on my reading list for a number of years but it is only now that I tried reading it.

I seldom read love stories nowadays, I am more focused on historical fiction, memoirs, poetry, cook books and some inspiring ones that I get to find now and then. The other day though, I tried finding an easy read novel in between my reading genre.

P.S. I Love You is a book about two teenagers who found ‘true love’ despite their young age. A rich boy and a poor girl. I thought it was one of those stories that has good ending. I can truly relate because the boy died of cancer, that traitor illness that some of us encounters. P.S. is actually the initial of the boy.

I enjoyed reading this one, finished it overnight and still included in my Goodreads Reading Challenge for this year.

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Yesterday, Jovy gave me an advance birthday gift 📦. A beautiful night light with embossed prayers and a figure of an angel. It is so lovely lit at night 🌃.

I received another greeting, from Union Bank this time, the first was from Bank of PI. My birthday is eleven days away yet. I’ll just wait for Lanette and Noel to come home so we could celebrate together.

Isn’t it just lovely?

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I went back to my ENT last Thursday to show her the result of my ear tests done by an audiologist. She said she is not happy with it because it is incomplete. There is no graph shown on my right ear. She said I’ll come back in two months around the first week of December and have another test done from an audiologist she will recommend. I actually told her that hearing loss advances every six months (per the advice of the audiologist) but she said it is not true.

I asked if it has something to do with the strange and loud sounds I heard when I had Covid-19 back in May 2021. She told me it has no relation but heredity does. I was talking to a maternal cousin two nights ago and she mentioned mom’s siblings and other relatives who suffered from hearing loss. It is indeed hereditary.

My ENT told me to canvass hearing aids in those companies she deals with. One has six months to pay with no interest if you use a credit card and also they have a 20% discount for senior citizens. Another one has a little lower cost and they are willing to make airmolds so the hearing aid would fit my ears. She even suggested that I file permanent disability to SSS (Social Security System). I went to the SSS yesterday to get an application form at the nearest branch here in our place. She gave me a prescription of vitamin B complex.

That’s the last of my going back to the doctor until next month when I’ll have my FBS and creatinine labs.

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