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Shopee, an online store which is a strict rival of Lazada probably lost its lead (if it is leading, that is) on the online market when it got Toni Gonzaga as its endorser. It was laying off its employees. Lazada which I patronize was trending yesterday afternoon once Shopee announced its new endorser. So far, many Filipinos unstalled the app for Shopee. The resonating boycott only proved the influence of socia media. Those 31M in SD cards who supposedly voted for Marcos, Jr. are silent.

There is a story behind this, Toni Gonzaga is an influencer and enabler. She campaigned for Marcos before the election. Others probably like her as an actress but some hate her the more while her whole family clings to the Marcoses. As they say in Tagalog kapit-tuko.

I think Shopee’s loss is Lazada’s gain. Since Nissa introduced me to online shopping years ago, I never ventured in Shopee’s app. Stayed loyal to Lazada.


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