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I wonder how it was during the last six years if we had a good governance then maybe we had not incurred the almost 13 trillion debts borrowed by the past government.

Some people never learn voting for unwanted personalities. There is still a question mark on those 31M in the SD cards transmitted to Comelec in the first two hours of the votes last May. And you guess it right, another Marcos sits in the throne. Poor Philippines, poor us, the burden of paying those international debts rest on our shoulders, the ordinary citizens. Our taxes are paying for those greedy politicians in our midst.

There is now an artificial shortage of garlic, salt, sugar, basic necessities that the people need. They prefer to import these products so they could earn more in overpricing. Prices of eggs are on the rise too. I bought a tray this morning but I was even shortchanged by the seller. He gave me 28 pieces instead of 30. Our poor farmers are in a quandary. The ordinary Juan and Juana could hardly make both ends meet. And guess who is the Dept. Of Agriculture’s head? It’s no less than the president.

The Philippine peso is at its lowest nowadays. Your P1,000 pesos could not even make a small shopping bag full. They have let loose a good candidate in the person of VP LENI.


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