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I cannot remember now when I had my left eye operated on due to cataract. Since I had my medical insurance and Philhealth, I only paid for the lens.

Our mayor said we now have our own eye specialist, an opthalmologist at our hospital in our town. We can have eye-checkup for free. Since I need to have the right eye checked if it is ready for cataract operation, I went to the doctor this morning. My left eye needs laser and my right is ripe for cataract operation.

They ordered a new machine and Dr. Singson told me that they will just call in a few days. I texted our town mayor and told him about it. He said it will arrive in thirty days.

Hoping it is all for free. I thought I left one of my eyeglasses at the clinic since I could not find it at home. I went back to the hospital but the doctor has left and my eyeglass was not there. Kept praying to St. Anthony on my way home. Gosh, I finally found it mixed with the box of my medicines.


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