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In the province I learned to sleep very early and wake up at 4 am. It was so quiet except the sound of nocturnal creatures like the Gecko. It appears occasionally at night with that tuk ko, tuk ko sound.

Lots of people regard the Gecko as a guardian of the home. It is said to protect the house and the family who live there.

There is this tradition to keep all the lights on at night from the sala to the kitchen down to the comfort room until the dead’s 40th day. I learned to sleep with the blazing light in the bedroom.

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The day is quiet and the sky is cloudy

I stay here in one corner, thinking, remembering

Everything seems to stand still

Except mom repeatedly saying that she lost her earring

She lost it even before the funeral

And she remembered finding it now

It is lost forever.

How could you find something that tiny?

Amongst all these

A hodge podge of everything.

I lost touch with the world when Alden left us

Suddenly becoming uninterested with the outcome of our election.

(May 24, 2022)

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