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I still can’t believe it. DEMOCRACY in our country is lost.

So many voters in several areas were not able to vote because of so many Voters Counting Machines which were so defective. Yet, Comelec didn’t even have the guts to replace or repair them.

You won’t believe this too. In two hours, unofficial counts had marcos leading by the millions, obviously, the results were pre-programmed. SD cards could be changed, right? Some say it was even faster than the US. With all the commissioners appointed by duterte from Davao and with chinese businessman Dennis Uy providing all the election paraphernalia ( a close ally of duterte), RIGGING IS A DONE DEAL. Marcos VP is the daughter of duterte.

I am not bitter but sad. People had a glimpse of a better opportunity for change but they chose to stay in the dark.

LORD, I need a hug🙏🙏🙏🙏


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