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In the province I learned to sleep very early and wake up at 4 am. It was so quiet except the sound of nocturnal creatures like the Gecko. It appears occasionally at night with that tuk ko, tuk ko sound.

Lots of people regard the Gecko as a guardian of the home. It is said to protect the house and the family who live there.

There is this tradition to keep all the lights on at night from the sala to the kitchen down to the comfort room until the dead’s 40th day. I learned to sleep with the blazing light in the bedroom.


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The day is quiet and the sky is cloudy

I stay here in one corner, thinking, remembering

Everything seems to stand still

Except mom repeatedly saying that she lost her earring

She lost it even before the funeral

And she remembered finding it now

It is lost forever.

How could you find something that tiny?

Amongst all these

A hodge podge of everything.

I lost touch with the world when Alden left us

Suddenly becoming uninterested with the outcome of our election.

(May 24, 2022)

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He suffered for three years when doctors found out there was cyst in his liver. He opted to have alternative cure and it gave him more three years to live.

A few hospital confinements later and several blood transfusions, the result of his colonoscopy was bad. Malignant cysts have reached his other organs and he became so thin in the process. It was a downward journey towards the end.

He was just 61 years old when he left us two weeks ago. He could have accomplished more if he were still alive today. And I could no longer visit our provincial home without remembering him.

We are three siblings left now, my two brothers and I. One is gone forever but I believe he is at peace now with the Lord.

It is hard to lose a friend but even harder to lose a brother.

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It is a long road

With you at the other end

And me a long drive away.

I could barely hear your voice

Telling me in a whisper to come home

Nissa and I did.

We were able to talk to you

And you kept saying,

Pagod na pagod na ako, gusto ko ng mamahinga ate“.

I know, it was very, very hard for you even to just speak

I told you to let God and let go

His will be done.

Nissa and I were on our way back home inside a Victory Liner bus at NLEX when I learned of your passing on.

I have to bring mommy home to see you…for the last time.

It is still hard for me that the only thing I see is your picture

It is still quite hard for me to see that all your architectural drawings are still intact

I had my share of seeing all your collections of Architectural Digest and home magazines.

I cry reading tributes to you from friends and relatives

I can’t stop my tears flowing seeing the best legacy you left behind to the people of our town – the Mabini Town Hall

It’s a legacy that would survive through the years way beyond our lifetimes.

I see you in every corner of this small house you left behind

And I remember, I remember our conversations a long time ago

You made me laugh with your stories sharing the hardships and the joys of living

You made me smile remembering our childhood years – the days in between.

You were too young to die

And I miss you still.

Written on 24 May 2022

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He must have waited for us to come home. Nissa and I rode on a deluxe Victory Liner bus last Friday and we were there around 9pm.

I talked to him yesterday morning before we left. He listened. He left us around 3 pm as we were traversing NLEX.


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I still can’t believe it. DEMOCRACY in our country is lost.

So many voters in several areas were not able to vote because of so many Voters Counting Machines which were so defective. Yet, Comelec didn’t even have the guts to replace or repair them.

You won’t believe this too. In two hours, unofficial counts had marcos leading by the millions, obviously, the results were pre-programmed. SD cards could be changed, right? Some say it was even faster than the US. With all the commissioners appointed by duterte from Davao and with chinese businessman Dennis Uy providing all the election paraphernalia ( a close ally of duterte), RIGGING IS A DONE DEAL. Marcos VP is the daughter of duterte.

I am not bitter but sad. People had a glimpse of a better opportunity for change but they chose to stay in the dark.

LORD, I need a hug🙏🙏🙏🙏

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A very important event that most democratic-loving Filipinos waited with bated breath. The previous six years made being one not proud of his/her birthplace – extra-judicial killings, grave corruptìon, economy sinking fast, a strongman for a leader, lies, broken promises, curses and swearing and what have you. And most of all allegiance to china.

Now we’ve found the most-qualified candidate for the presidency in the person of VP LENI ROBREDO.

The polling precincts opened at 6 am. I was there before 6 am and I was number 4 in line at our own precinct. It is an advantage for us subdivision owners that Election is held at our multi-purpose hall exclusive to us. I was done at 6:30 am. It was literally peaceful so far.

Let VP LENI, SEN. KIKO and their slate win.

Let freedom-loving Filipinos win. Let us WIN THIS TIME LORD🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭💕💕💕🙏🙏🙏

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Happy Mother’s Day to all my lovely friends here who are mothers as well. Celebrate because it us our day. It’s that one day in a year where we are given tributes as mothers. This lovely quote still lingers and I remember the old days while my two kids were growing. Those were the days we had to rely on two househelps because I was still working. They were still in high school when I availed of an early retirement because we could no longer find minders for them.

I used this photo before in my other blog posts about motherhood. Lovely Amazon lily blooms I plucked from the gaŕden.

She shed a tear, tears of hope for the motherland. She accepted the challenge to run a few months ago and the Filipinos who desired for change in the government encouraged her. For us, there is only one Leni Robredo, she is an economist and a lawyer. As vice-president, she did so many projects, going to remote areas affected by calamities to help despite a very limited budget from the government. She was visited by several foreign dignitaries instead of duterte.

Last night was the end of the campaign and the miting de avance was held in Ayala Avenue (business district of Makati City) . There was a crowd estimate of about a million attendees all over. People love her. I love her too. This feat is the first in the Philippines and probably in the whole world where people made use of their own resources instead of the politician. They brought food for every one in every scheduled rally, did house-to-house campaigns in remote areas.

I am proud of her and I am praying she’d be elected as the mother of the Philippines. As long as the Commission on Election does not show dirty tricks, it will be a win for VP Leni and Sen. Kiko.

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Gosh, I could not believe I haven ‘t blogged for a week. Though sometimes, I have lots of things to share, I am more focused on social media.

It is the last leg of the campaign period then we’ll have our election on Monday. I keep praying it would be honest and clean but knowing how the Comelec works, I have my reservations. Back in 2019, tbere was a seven-hour glitch which they haven’t explained until now. All the candidates of Duterte in the Senate won, even those who were not that much qualified compared to the opposition. They are now mere ‘decorations’ on the Senate floor. People say that china was involved.

I need not elaborate on how the campaign trail is doing. We call ourselves kakampink. Pink is the color of hope, everytime there are scheduled pink rallies in different provinces, people come by the thousands. There is this Pulse Asia who conducts surveys and release them now and then but it is so biased in favor of marcos dayunior. They usually have 2,400 respondents but not all sectors are represented. They are trying mind-conditioning on people gullible enough to believe that Marcos, Jr. is leading. He is not, he has money to pay for the false survey. Some people actually call it false asia. There is a similar survey by Google Trends and Leni/Kiko tandem is very much far ahead.

#Leni/Kiko for the win!

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