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Dream On

Nissa and I were both waiting for a ride, she to go to her class and I to go to the office. After a while she went back home because she forgot her project. I waited and waited but the only available ride was a bus going to EDSA. I wonder why it was so full. While we were on our bus ride, a passenger alighted while the traffic signal was on “STOP” without the driver’s knowledge. Then it suddenly went green and I saw the passenger, his head detached from his body and yet all the cars passing by did not stop. I was trembling when I saw the accident.

I waited for another ride going to Ayala Avenue and some people going to the same place pointed to me where to get one. I think I walked for a mile before getting one. I was relieved when I saw the tall buildings of Ayala Avenue and when I reached the office, I was thinking of how to get home again without our service vehicle.

Gosh, that was so vivid and it seemed it took so long.

But it was only a dream.


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