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Last Monday was my first time to go out in a year because of this pandemic. I went to Union Bank to get my new savings account card because their Stock Transfer department needs it for future cash dividends starting next year. I was supposed to submit my authority to submit the papers allowing credit to my account, unfortunately, their Stock Transfer was closed.

I was supposed to change the given PIN to my card but even the ATM is not updated. It was a holiday here yesterday. It’ll be a hassle to go back again. We went to a nearer branch of the bank yesterday to no avail. The two doggies were with us. They are so used tagging along every time Jovy and Josef go out. I took a photo of Cookie, she was excited. We went to Shakeys later for a late lunch.

The December wind blows and I am happy.

Aside from my birth month, it is one of the most awaited month of the year. I haven’t wrapped my Christmas gifts for the family yet, one nice thing to do in the coming days, afterall Christmas is just twenty four days away.

Excited, oh yes of course even if December 24 is a regular working day. Today is our town fiesta. We celebrate the sumbintik festival every year. It’s a festival of sweets made by Cainta residents. How nice to begin the month watching the display of several houses even if it is only online. They are having dances/program right now before the concelebrated mass begins at 9am. I am sure it would be a blessed and happy celebration.



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