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We’re still in a sea of pink. It does not just represent our VP Leni Robredor but all Filipinos who aspire for democracy’s return. It has become a movement. And just like the pink ribbon that represents breast cancer, the color pink is a color of hope, of changes for a good governance which has been absent for the last five years.

Good news! So proud of this home-grown journalist bravely standing up to a dictator. CONGRATULATIONS MARIA RESSA 💖👏🌻 Ressa is the first woman to be awarded a Nobel Prize this year. She shares the Nobel with Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov for their effors to safeguard freedom of expressions in their respective countries. Ressa is the CEO of Rappler, a news outlet critical of Philippine president duterte’s regime. She has been bashed and maligned by those loyal to their president. These people are so quiet now.

I feel sad. Our CHR (Commission oh Human Rights) chief passed on because of Covid. He was one of those remaining well-loved personality of freedom-loving Filipinos. Rest in peace sir, we will miss you.


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