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I seldom write political posts nowadays because I feel digusted with the present administration with their president throwing everything except the kitchen towel to those he thinks are his enemy including the Senate lately.

We will be having our presidential election come May next year. And these politicians were busy declaring their candidacy the last few days except for VP LENI ROBREDO who declared her desire to run early this morning.

I’ve waited with bated breath along with people who after more than five years have given up on the present administration. At around 11am after a short inspiring speech, she declared that she is running for the presidency. There is still hope for us afterall.

She chose a pink ribbon, the color of hope, the color which says Laban Leni. Praying we will win and she will win. Pink is the color of the day.

I do remember what she said more than five years ago when she won the vice-presidency. THE LAST MAN STANDING IS A WOMAN.


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