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That was a very lonely and touching experience for me this afternoon. A friend who is also a neighbor suffered a stroke. Only her daughter was with her when I arrived at their place. She seemed asleep but was still breathing, her snore was so loud. Jom, another neighbor came by too and they called an ambulance.

May I ask for your prayers please? Her name is Mercy Jarque, 81 years old. She is like a mother to me and I am so sad to see her suffer.

I learned a while ago when her daughter came back from the hospital that she was DOA. The daughter is bipolar, sometimes she is not her usual self.

This is quite devastating, someone losing her life in this time when movements of people are limited, when you can’t just go out to condole with the family for their loss. Jill does not want her mom to be cremated so Aling Mercy would be transferred to a funeral home tomorrow morning.


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