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This photo earned several “hearts” and “likes” emoticons on Facebook. This is how mom looks now, she is really getting old, hard of hearing, can’t see clearly and sometimes with bouts of forgetting. So glad though that she  still remembers our names, she still can sweep the yard in the morning and play with our four kitties.

Nissa gave that shawl to her as Christmas gift when they came over last December 24. The first one she gave her three years ago was a little darker but equally lovely as this. Those flower designs are embossed on the soft cloth. Mom loves it.

She’ll be turning 92 in a few months. My brother Noel was so happy to see her because they never get to talk anymore over the phone nowadays. Sometimes, she can’t even read those enlarged words I type on my notepad. She gets cranky when she insists that she wants to go home to the province and we say that it is not allowed. She no longer understands the gravity of this pandemic, that older people like her are more susceptible to catch it outside.

That’s mom, blessed to have reached this age still healthy and strong. She plays solitaire every day and watches television even if the sound is muted.


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