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Getting Longer

Usually December is the beginning of the cold months that usually last until the month of February. Hanging amihan though started last  November 6, 2020. The northeast windflow is more dominant in Northern Luzon. And it is not just the cold weather, PAGASA warned us that we also have La Niña this last month of December until the  early months of next year. That would bring more rains. I hope the coming months would not be as destructive as those we experienced last month. And usually when the cold months are here, we also experience longer and colder nights.

Come to think of it, by December 21, we will have the longest night of the year. It’s because of the winter solstice, the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. It must be nice to have longer time of rest and this happens twice a year in the northern and southern parts of the globe.

I earned a badge as top fan for two online holding of masses every day, one at the Manila Cathedral and two, at the Sambuhay TV mass. When you are earmarked as top fan, people usually see your comments first before the others. It’s kind of lovely to be considered as such.

I haven’t wrapped the gifts I bought last Monday. Still waiting for my order of Nissa and Obet’s gift which I bought online. How many days to go? 21 days before Christmas.


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