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For the first time ever in a period  of nine months, I went out of the periphery of the subdivision. I  needed a hair trim and I also wanted to buy gifts for the family.

My temperature was checked for the first time at the mall entrance then another check at the entrance of the DIY shop and finally at Kenny Rogers Roaster. I was armed with a small bottle of Alcohol and a small bottle with hand sanitizer is attached to my bag.  I am not complaining though but writing your name, contact number and address in the establishments I visited is sort of overkill. I know, they might need contact tracing later on (is there still one nowadays?)  but  I guess names and phone numbers would suffice.

I had my hair trimmed at David’s Saloon and the hair stylist said I am lucky there were no customers yet early this morning. Yes of course, I deliberately went there early so as to avoid the crowd. Imagine, nine months of not going out of our subdivision gate.  And the rate of the hair trim, there was an increase of at least 30% since I had my last hair trim there. 

I bought a  a manual grass cutter at ACE Hardware together with gardening scissors, a cutter and some Ramgo seeds for planting. Since I have a list of what to buy for the family, I was done in more than two hours.  The department store no longer wrap gifts for free but when you present your receipts, they will give you one gift wrapper for every P500.00 pesos or more cost of one item. Nice try, I enjoy wrapping gifts anyway.

A friend asked me how it feels going  out for the first time after so many months being on a lock down. I am no longer comfortable seeing a lot of people so I kept my distance.  What has this Covid pandemic done to us? Gone are the days when I could chat with baggers and cashiers while waiting for my purchases especially in supermarkets. Even tricycles here have that plastic between the driver and the passenger. Only one passenger is allowed so you could imagine the price increase of fares nowadays. Next venture would be at the supermarket when Josef or Jovy are not so busy to accompany me. Though we plan  to just order  food come Christmas, we still need groceries to tide us over.

We won’t let this Covid defeat our will  to live as normally as we can. We just need to have that self-discipline to protect us from the virus.


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